Daughters of Destiny

Our mission is to empower volunteers to reach incarcerated women for Jesus and to disciple them while in prison and after release. Our mission is working out through our driving passion for leading women out of personal and spiritual brokenness to wholeness and abundant life in Jesus through salvation by faith, God’s grace, and His transforming work.

In response, we:

  • Invite women in prison to receive salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Teach and nurture all who respond to grow in faith and relationship with Jesus Christ through the Transformation Journey which begins immediately while the ladies are incarcerated and continues indefinitely after release.

We are directing all our resources to these Goals:

  • 25,000 incarcerated ladies attending Evangelistic/Discipleship events annually
  • Inside Daughters new memberships active in Bible Studies
  • New Women 4 Women active in Discipleship Correspondence
  • Distribute copies of Changed Lives books to incarcerated women
  • Distribute Daughters Journal newspapers in correctional facilities across America
  • Welcome and assist Free Daughters as they transition into communities
  • Free Daughters active in DOD Ministry Programs
  • Recruit new volunteers for In-Prison Ministry
  • Recruit new volunteers for Outside Ministry
  • Activate new sponsors participating in DOD
  • Establish Daughters of Destiny Leadership Teams across America.
  • Build our ministry programs in every female correctional facility in America.
  • Establish Daughters of Destiny Welcome Mentors in communities in each state.